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Rely on the mathematical assurance that cryptography protects the identity of your products from being copied or faked


Delve into a fully auditable record of your shipment's logistics movements with confidence that any anomalies can be detected


Be certain that this innovative new technology defeats the business model of counterfeiters as it prevents the sale of copies

Avoid Fake or Dangerous Products

Protect yourself by scanning your products with TBSx3




per cent of FOOD SHIPMENTS


$billion annual cost

Our Team

Our team aims to bring together the leading experts on commercialisation, the consumer industry, technology and innovation.

  • Anthony Bertini

    / Chair

    Anthony Bertini has had a long career in business, holding senior positions with Australian and international publishing groups, global technology companies and in 1996 started his own internet business, BMC Media.

    Anthony is the chairman of Thumper One Pty Ltd which was founded over 10 years ago to concentrate on the development and commercialisation of new ideas and business models. Working with scientists and inventors, Thumper One focuses on global food security, value added products, clean water and renewable energy. Anthony also founded ARCA Group Investments in 2010 to take advantage of the growing interest in Cleantech opportunities.

    He has previously worked for the British Government as a Deal Maker for their Global Entrepreneur Program and he is a Non-Executive Director of the Australian Copyright Agency. He is a founder of 350.org Australia and The Climate Hub and is a past director of The Sydney Biennale. He is also a a co-founder and chairman of Organic Technology Holdings and chairman of Australian Omega Oils.

  • mark toohey

    / founder & director

    Mark has been involved with technology throughout his career. After decades of experience in the television industry he became heavily involved in the startup sector.  Over four years ago he recognised the potential of digital currency and Blockchain technology. He understands the legal, commercial and the technical aspects of the technology.

    Mark is one of the first lawyers in the world to lecture on the technology and its commercial application. His knowledge of this cutting-edge technology is built upon a solid commercial foundation.

    In addition to working as a lawyer in some of Australia’s leading law firms, Mark has been General Counsel for a telecommunications company and a major television company which were both publicly listed.

    Since founding Adroit Lawyers, Mark has helped dozens of companies turn their ideas into businesses. Many were technology companies focussed on disrupting and transforming industry.

    Mark brings extensive startup knowledge to TBSx3. He understands how to commercialise products and he knows the importance of strong contracts as a business development tool.

  • nicholas ROWE


    Nicholas brings over 30 years of investment banking experience to assist TBSx3 on developing its corporate growth strategies and options. He is a founding partner and a managing director of the Sydney branch of an international investment advisory firm. He advises clients on corporate structuring, capital raising, takeovers, and business acquisitions.

    Over his career he has been the Head of Investment Banking with RBS (and prior with ABN AMRO) and later the Country Head for CIMB Australia.

    Prior to that he worked with Credit Suisse First Boston and SBC Dominguez Barry. He began his banking career at Samuel Montagu in London.

    He has advised media, brewing, financial services and banking companies and stock exchanges on a wide range of assignments including many cross border transactions. He holds a law degree and is also a chartered accountant.

  • Steve EZZES


    Mr Steve Ezzes, was a founding member of the Goldman Sachs leveraged finance group with responsibility for Capital Markets and Distribution and High Yield securities, joined TBSx3 as a US based member of the Board.

    Mr Ezzes has more more than 30 years investment and merchant banking experience including; senior positions as the Managing Director of New York based Marine Investment Group with more than $10 billion in assets under management, and as a Partner with Connecticut based Airlie Group, responsible for leveraged lending and CLO’s managing more than $2 billion in collaterized loan obligations. As Managing Director of Thomas H. Lee Capital, one of the oldest and most experienced private equity firms in the US, Mr. Ezzes managed the personal investments of Mr. Lee which exceeded $1 billion.

    As a partner (together with Equitable Life Assurance, Drexel Burnham and members of the Bass family) in the multi-billion investment fund Bass Investment Ltd., Mr Ezzes was appointed head of the Restructuring Committee for the re-organization of John Fairfax. Tech investments with which he has previously been associated include: Ozemail, BMCMedia, Tenzing-a joint venture with Airbus and Bell Atlantic Mobile, which became Verizon.

Our Services

Fake products can be eliminated. Supply chains can be protected and reliance can be reinforced.
Our customers are not just companies or industries, but entire supply chains.


TBSx3 technology can mathematically prove whether an item offered for sale is a genuine product

  • Cryptographically
    Unique Identification
  • Product Tracking
  • Analysis


The free app allows consumers to verify that the item on the shelf was genuinely produced by the manufacturer.

  • Simple Verification
  • Consumer Protection
  • Link to Brand
  • Product Origin
  • User friendly App Design


Each bottle, can or packet can be mathematically identified making fake product ID impossible to create.

  • Origin Certainty
  • Brand / Product Protection
  • Market Protection
  • Enhanced Logistics


We are committed to restoring trust to international trade.
Here are some research articles on the impact of conterfeit goods in society today...



The now infamous baby formula scandal in China in 2008 had an estimated 300,000 victims with over 54,000 babies hospitalised. Melamine contamination has also been detected in eggs sold in China...

  • By Team TBSx3
  • |
  • Dec 13, 2016


The onslaught of fake products in recent years is staggering in scale. It seems no supply chain is impermeable military aircraft and missile systems, wine, milk and clothing have all been affected...

  • By Team TBSx3
  • |
  • July 02, 2016


The growing pharmaceutical industry faces problems from both counterfeit drugs and fake drugs. The scale and severity of this industry wide problem is outlined in the snaphot below ...

  • By Team TBSx3
  • |
  • June 23, 2016

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